I Defeated Mas Sajady in Court

I went to warn Mas Sajady’s neighbors for good reason:  He’s a pervert with ties to pedophilia.  And Sajady even testified that he sought to lure children to his house so he could treat them.  Sajady has no licensure or training whatsoever, he preys upon children — The neighbors needed to be warned.


So crooked Mas Sajady abused the court system in the attempt to silence me.  He literally got a court order that said if he felt embarrassed, I could be arrested.  That would work in Afghanistan, but not in the U.S. I defeated him!  Here is the judge’s order that was heavily slanted towards in  my favor.  In fact the judge cited a case used by Sajady’s lawyer — in my  defense.

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These brief videos plays Mas Sajady’s actual statements in court — where he is caught lying numerous times, and the judge even intervenes in disbelief. Perjury.

Court transcript of Sajady’s statements in the above video here.


Timestamp on court docs mentioned in above video can be seen here.

Sajady has also tried to use the legal system to harass Tanster, another woman who is exposing the truth about him.

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                                                    Tanster’s Facebook Page


Legal Details

This is Mas Sajady’s lawyer Anthony Bushnell trying to make a crime out of the fact that I published Sajady’s divorce Register of Action — which is a public record.

Bushnell - prosecuting public record border.jpg

Here is the ruling by the judge.  In it the judge quotes a case submitted by Masood Sajady’s lawyer, Polinsky v. Bolton — to support MY First Amendment rights!  What a brilliant lawyer he hired.

judge-polinsky-quote border.jpg

The judge asked for Sajady to provide legal precedent in robbing me of my constitutional rights.  Sajady’s lawyer provided unpublished decisions, which by statute are deemed “not precedential.”

As my lawyer said, Sajady “completely failed to demonstrate” he had the constitutional right to rob me of my freedom of speech.

Bass - fails to demonstrate.jpg


Moore v. Hoff, which concerned a blogger who conveyed true information about a public figure, allowed for the truth to be communicated to a third party regardless of intent: “Regardless of the motivation of the messenger, if the information conveyed is true, it is not appropriate for liability to attach.”

So according to Moore v, Hoff’s binding precedent, I have the right to convey true information to Mas Sajady’s clients, employees, promoters, publicists, you name it.
Not only do I believe all information I am conveying is true, it is to warn the public about someone who I believe is endangering people’s lives.

I believe Mas Sajady soils people by their association with him. I have even seen him get what are called “Defecation agreements” — on a soul level he cons other souls into letting him crap on them. For example, he gets a “Christian Lawyer Society” attorney to defend him, an agent for the anti-Christ. It is my religious and spiritual belief that Mas Sajady works with the anti-Christ, and he has said as much himself.

That lawyer contradicts himself numerous times in his defense of Mas Sajady and makes false statements about me. Here is one example.

Bushnell makes the false statement that I published the “papers filed” in Sajady’s divorce.  I published the Register of Action.

Bushnell - lying about divorce papers border.jpg

Bushnell contradicts his false statement here, saying I published the Register of Actions.

Bushnell - register of action border.jpg

That attorney has been soiled by his association with Mas Sajady.

Here’s Mas Sajady essentially whining in court because people are posting “30 – 40 times a day” about him.  Mr. Public Figure can’t take it so he harasses women who speak out against him.  Every one of us has a physical tangible story of harassment by Mas Sajady.

ms 30-40 times

My favorite point from my lawyer’s memorandum, putting Sajady in his place. “Yet, by conflating criticism and negative opinion with harassment and defamation, it is Petitioner who fails to observe the constitutional line that protects Ms. Nygard’s freedom of speech – particularly in this public controversy involving Mr. Sajady, a limited purpose public figure.”

conflate page

Here’s the court order saying if Mas Sajady felt embarrassed, I could be arrested, posted by Mas Sajady employee Kaille Padgett.  In Sajady’s HRO petition against me, he lied copiously, saying things like I had sexually assaulted him.

MS said sexually assaulted.jpg

I can’t imagine a better Friday the 13th — a new court order halted Mas Sajady’s assault on my civil liberties.  What kind of woman would defend a man like this? A man who is a sub-human species who makes a living from black magic.

kaille posted RO

Kaille Padgett saying she wants to annihilate me. What kind of church is Mas Sajady running, what is he teaching his disciples?

kaille -- annihilate comment

Kaille Padgett defaming me.

Kaille - mental well being cropped

Kaille Padgett calling the women who are speaking out against Mas Sajady “slave bitches.”

KP - slave bitches crop

This appears to be Kaille Padgett lying, saying “we are not commercially and professionally associated with Mas Sajady” Inc.

Kaille p - not commercial.jpg


Kaille Padgett’s boyfriend Joseph White harassing us, or perhaps this is just Padgett herself.

Maya - repost Molly crop

Mas Sajady in court pretending he doesn’t know who Joseph White is.

ms no joe



Here is a letter that was sent to me by the Chanhassen city attorney, where Mas Sajady lives. Sajady filed a police report saying I criminally defamed him.  However, the Chanhassen city attorney dismisses Sajady’s police report as being unfounded. I have never heard of a city prosecutor sending someone accused information about police report filed about them.  I will be picking up a copy of the report soon.


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Putain d’idiot.









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